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Rome wasn’t built without Dewalt tools

Okay, so maybe it was.  Too bad for the Romans.  Anyway, buying an old house in serious need of repair is a serious excuse for buying a complete line of cordless tools.  For once in my life, this didn’t even … Continue reading

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Oh crap!

My wife says I say “Oh crap!” a lot while tearing things apart.  Maybe this is true.  Gutting an old house reveals all the flaws you didn’t know about when you bought it.  Sometimes they are things you are suspicious … Continue reading

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Feeling a little pink?

Lee and I worked on ripping apart the second upstarts bedroom. We uncovered more lath and plaster. This time we discovered that it had been painted a pale pink. I wonder if this means that I am going to have … Continue reading

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Dirt line on the house

You can see where the dirt hit the house in the below picture. This is one of the areas that we have to clean up for insurance reasons. I’m not sure what they were thinking when they put all the … Continue reading

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Feral cats

When we bought the house we knew that it came with feral cats. Our neighbor feeds them but they are all very spooky. Right now we have 6 feral cats all unfixed. One black mother cat with four black adolescent … Continue reading

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White plaster fell like rain

Today was a plaster bashing day.  Seems like there has been a lot of those lately.  I’m going to just include the photos we took as a gallery and add comments there.  The historic item of interest today is the … Continue reading

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I like the glass globe in the first picture. It looks interesting and old to me. Yes I do realize that this is not an 1937 light globe. I do plan on reusing it when renovations are redone. It will … Continue reading

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Before and after of the side yard

We have to grade the dirt on some sides of the house. Jessica and I worked on taking out brush along parts of the house. We still  haven’t graded the side of the house pictured but at least you can … Continue reading

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Of lath and plaster

I’ve heard it said that removing lath and plaster from an old house is a sin.  That may be true.  There is a element of permanence and the skilled labor in plastered walls which drywall does not convey.  So why … Continue reading

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So how many toys does a kid need anyways?

I drive up almost every afternoon while Lee is working. Today’s project for me was taking out some limbs, blackberry bushes, cleaning up trash, sorting through toys, and making a walkway around the barn. We can’t insure the barn until … Continue reading

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