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Quick door fix

Lee screwed a piece of wood into the door frame to make it less pathetic. It’s still pretty chintzy but one thing at a time eh?

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How to ineffectively stop a mouse in its tracks

Duct tape of course. We found two of these fix jobs in the house.

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Carpet removal day

My sister Jessica and I worked at removing carpet, padding, and tack stripping while Lee was at work. After we ripped up the carpet we carried it outside. Somehow the extra horrid inside smell seemed to mysteriously hang around outside … Continue reading

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It’s official, we have lost our minds

We are the proud new owners of a magnificent pile of work. Lee and I actually signed the papers Friday but were not allowed into the house until Monday. On a bright note the former tenant living there removed some … Continue reading

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The beginning of our folly

We found our folly in the guise of a 1937 farm house with some land. The house is a wreck and there is trash (treasure?) all around the house. But we are in love and like most people with that … Continue reading

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