Rome wasn’t built without Dewalt tools

Okay, so maybe it was.  Too bad for the Romans.  Anyway, buying an old house in serious need of repair is a serious excuse for buying a complete line of cordless tools.  For once in my life, this didn’t even require reading a lot of reviews online.  All my family members with cordless tools own 18v Dewalt.  Buying anything else would be … folly.  🙂

I'm seeing yellow .. and loving it!

Looks like present-day came early for me this year!  That’s the Dewalt tool 6 pack with the circular saw and driver.  I bought factory reconditioned to save some money.  The extra pair of batteries are new.  In the background is the combination shop light and dual charger.  None of my relatives have that item.  I”ll have to watch that it doesn’t walk off on me when they come to help.  “Hey, payment is in the form of pizza only!”  I found the best price online at Tool King.

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