White plaster fell like rain

Today was a plaster bashing day.  Seems like there has been a lot of those lately.  I’m going to just include the photos we took as a gallery and add comments there.  The historic item of interest today is the sealed hole in the chimney.  It appears that there was once a wood stove on the second floor as well.  I would love to have seen them.  Too bad we haven’t found a pair of antique wood stoves among all the junk on this property.  I wouldn’t reinstall them .. modern EPA certified wood stoves burn far more cleanly and efficiently than older models. I just feel annoyed that the previous owners got to tear out antique wood stoves and I’m tearing out photo-finish veneer siding.

Doesn’t Robin look cute in her Darth Vader respirator?

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  1. sue stebbing says:

    wow! I love that you are taking care of those cats. I used to work for the spca in pg cty.,It was volunteer and at the time I used my black truck for hauling and such. I don’t live in the country but share you compassion for the ferals. I am trying before winter to get my ferals fixed,cause they can really multiply fast. It looks like you are upto your elbows in work.I would love to try beekeeping.I see you have spiders,wow!!!You have black cats and I have gray ones. Keep them safe cause Halloween is coming,hopefully living in the country the crazy people are mainly in the suburbs or city.Keep caring for the little cats.

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