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We spent a night and it was…

…not that bad. True, we did come back to our rental to take our last hot shower until Lee fixes the water. Not to mention that we are doing our last minute packing and cleaning of the rental. But I … Continue reading

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Getting ready for the big move in

Today my Mom and I cleaned up the house. Lee and I are supposed to be moving in tomorrow and Thursday and the house was a complete disaster. So we vacuumed, mopped, and moved boards around in the upper two … Continue reading

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Happy fires

Our third burn pile of the season. WooHoo! Okay I guess it seems rather pitiful when you look at how much yard debris that we still have to burn. I wonder how many fires we will have before the burn … Continue reading

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Our walls seem to be hungry for nuts

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Two’s a crowd

Lee had a surprise guest show up in the bathroom with him. He was intrigued with how well the moth blended into the cabinet. And to think that all it probably wanted was a little privacy and Lee to hand … Continue reading

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From the ‘What were they thinking?’ department …

As I’ve said before, the blessing and the curse of gutting a building is that you find all the flaws.  Ever since I gutted the walls in the back bedroom I’ve felt suspicious about the closet.  The closets upstairs were … Continue reading

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New electrical box on the way

Just a brief note that the electricians will be coming tomorrow to install our new outside service panel.  We were on site pretty late last night pressure washing and painting a section of wall for them to work on. Some … Continue reading

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Getting worried

Sunday we had the last yard sale. We got rid of a bit of stuff and have already taken a truck load of left overs to Goodwill. That is our second truck load of stuff in two weeks and I … Continue reading

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This old house

I’m certainly no Bob Villa.  I’ll even admit to sitting at a desk in my day job.  But if you do a bit of reading on home construction topics, you realize that there is a central theme to it called … Continue reading

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Bee Worried

Guess what we found in the walls? It’s not a mouse this time. One…oh wait…two…nope, not two…three, yes three bees nests. Sunday morning when Lee was working on taking down board paneling in the living room we found a surprise. … Continue reading

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