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Cooking on the wood stove top

Update (01/21/2010): This page describes our early usage of the wood stove. A more recent post provides wood stove cooking tips. Since our wood stove got installed I have been doing all our cooking on it. Cookies, cake and topping, … Continue reading

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Mouse poop redux

Yes we did it again. After much putting off on Lee’s part we finally worked on tearing out most of the living room ceiling. We left a stretch on at the very front of the house as it helps keep … Continue reading

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Another wall bites the dust

Lee tore out the paneling by the front door in the living room. Nothing too exciting. Things we discovered by taking off the wall paneling are: Tongue & groove covers at least one wall in the front bedroom Plywood is … Continue reading

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Why tree huggers burn trees

At first blush, wood burning might not seem very environmentally friendly.  Cutting down big stately old-growth trees, sawing them up with gas powered saws and log splitters, and then throwing them into a roaring fireplace belching smoke … yeah, I … Continue reading

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Snow at long last

We got snow, snow, SNOW! Maybe it’s not that exciting to the rest of you, but after living in the desert for five years it’s exciting. And yes I know, it’s not that much compared to “some” of you and … Continue reading

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Water, heat .. and now electricity

Tonight’s accomplishment is two indoor outlets.  I haven’t done it sooner because I was concerned about it interfering with the first stage in county electrical inspections.  Ever since we moved in, there have been two extension cords dangling from our … Continue reading

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Bored? How about playing with fire?

Yup, that time again. Another burn pile bites the dust. This is burn pile number number four. I really need to get busy and make some more piles. I don’t want to get caught in the summer with 27 piles … Continue reading

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First frost of the season

I’m so glad that we have our stove installed now. There is a forecast of snow for this weekend. Even if we don’t get any it’s still going to be cold. I love my new fire place. Have I mentioned … Continue reading

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Woodstove installed

What’s been holding up the wood stove install was two things: stovepipe and hearth.  At my brother’s suggestion, we decided to forgo a pretty hearth and just temp in something that would be safe and quick.  With all the jacking … Continue reading

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I feel warm already

My Mom and Dad came by along with Jessica for a chat. Little did they know that Dad would end up helping put the wood stove into place. Everything went well until the last two legs were to be put … Continue reading

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