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Mowing, limbing, firewood, rock walls, and bramble removal

Seems like there hasn’t been a whole lot posted this month on progress we have made on the house. That got me thinking about what we have been doing. So here it goes… Lee has basically gotten all of the … Continue reading

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Weekend Update

Well, the weekend didn’t go quite how we hoped, but at least a few things got done.  We took another load of the former occupant’s trash to the dump.  Yes, we are sadly still working on that.  I believe one … Continue reading

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Adrift in a sea of gray

It hasn’t rained in almost a week, so we’ve managed to make quite a bit of progress outside working in the evenings.  Robin’s dad brought over his three wheel Cushman and tow-behind mowing deck, and then stopped by three times … Continue reading

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Brightest … Moon … Ever

Okay, so not really, but tonight’s full moon did promise to be the brightest for 2009.  The moon is one of those things you lose touch with when you live in a city.  It’s still there in the sky, but … Continue reading

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Going out on a limb for chickens

I’m getting chickens this spring. I am beyond excited to say the least. I still have to pick my breeds out and am not sure whether to buy them local or order from McMurray Hatchery. If I order from McMurray … Continue reading

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Wood cutting and splitting

The first cord of firewood we purchased arrived cut and split.  Unfortunately, a “cord” on craigslist is really about 3/4 of a cord if that.  A dry cord of softwood weights 2000 pounds, and hardwood weighs about 4000 pounds.  If … Continue reading

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