Burning again

It’s been dry enough that I was able to start our fourth and fifth burn piles for the season. Four more piles are waiting for me to burn and more to be made. I am going to feel very happy when our land is completely cleaned up.

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4 Responses to Burning again

  1. Matt says:

    Wait, are those really burn piles, or alien colonization pod landing sites? One should be careful…

  2. Jessica says:

    Hey, where are the pictures of the mice who have scorched bums and half tails?

  3. robin says:

    Alien colonization pod landing sites….hmmm…..I like it!!! I want to now bring this up casually in conversation while talking to someone. “Yeah we’re thinking about taking out some of the filbert trees by the alien colonization pod landing site. We think it will really open up the field and let in more sunlight.”

  4. robin says:

    Because I didn’t want to get THAT close to the mouse. He scared me in the first place.