More trees planted

Our order came in from One Green World. Added on to the previous tree list we now have 11 more trees to get excited about.

  • Amere De Berthcourt (Apple Tree)
  • Dolgo (Crab Apple Tree)
  • John Rick (American Persimmon)
  • Mitchell (Pawpaw)
  • Taytwo (Pawpaw)
  • Smyrna (Quince)
  • Ribina (Mountain Ash)
  • Rosina (Mountain Ash)
  • Illinois Everbearing (Mulberry)
  • 2 Korean Stone Pine Italian Stone Pine

Update (03/31/2009):  We ordered Korean Stone Pines because they are fast growing and cold hardy.  When we got our order in the mail, we checked all the fruit trees for accuracy but assumed the two evergreens were the ones we ordered.  Oops.  Looks like the customer service agent picked the wrong trees (perhaps because they never had any Korean Pine’s in stock .. according to a manager).  Since we did not catch the error until 1 month had elapsed, customer service was very unhelpful.  They didn’t return our calls, claimed in a letter that we had had the trees for 2 months, and so forth.  I mean, their order summary claims we placed the order in Dec 2009 (10 months future to the actual date ).  You’d think they’d be a little open to admitting part of the fault.

Needless to say, we are very upset about this experience and will not order from them again.  If they had made any sort of concession it would be different, perhaps accepting the trees back and a half refund.  This was never offered.  We did, however, learn something more disturbing.  A manager told us that the 2 weeks is final, so if our bare root trees don’t bud out in the spring .. too bad.  Pretty convenient for a company that ships most of it’s product when it is dormant.

I really wish the whole experience could be different.  One Green World is an environmentally-responsible company with a great selection of rare varieties.  I also realize that plants are an unreliable product, so I don’t expect a no-questions-asked-1-year guarantee.  However, all businesses should be expected to fix their mistakes.

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2 Responses to More trees planted

  1. Tom Gibson says:

    One Green World replaced my persimmon 6 months after I bought it because it never leafed out. They do guarantee their stock but apparently not if you order something that they have never carried.
    Tom Gibson

  2. lee says:

    We can only report what we were told on the phone by a manager. I’m glad the process turned out better for you. Also, I’m not sure why you think they’ve never carried Korean Stone Pine. As of right now, it’s the only stone pine in their online catalog for which a picture is provided.

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