Tackling the ‘Let’s put it off’ room

Yup, we have managed to put off working on this room for over a month. Mostly because we knew it was going to be a pain in the butt getting all the plywood off. Not to mention we would be in for major mouse poop showers again.

First off it meant clearing everything out of the room. It had become the store all for everything we had torn apart in the house that we will want to reuse again. Then came out the handy pry bar for tearing off the trim. Poor Lee, he hates ripping out the plywood walls.

Here is an overview of the room.

A few of this rooms lovely highlights are the fix jobs on the ceiling done with tape. One spot uses duct tape to patch delaminating plywood. The other spot uses scotch tape to fix a crack in the plywood. There were two mouse holes in this room. One you can barely see in the left side of the closet picture above. The second was a duct taped (but chewed through) hole behind the box in the corner of the same  picture.

After the first two pieces of plywood were taken off the walls we came upon something odd. Odd in the fact that this one wall has nailed boards behind the plywood while the other three walls all have tongue and groove like the exterior sheathing behind the plywood. We also had to admire the wood grain. You don’t see grain in plywood like this anymore–certainly not in stuff that’s going to be painted.

The last thing that we found interesting was that it looked as if they reused some plywood that they got somewhere when they built the house. It was painted pink underneath the trim of the window. The other parts that we uncovered were not like that and the original paint  color that we are seeing on the plywood is a taupe kind of color.

Well, we stopped after ripping the two boards off. It was late by then. The important thing being that we finally started on the room. Now it will be easier to go back to working on. Least I think. We still have that ceiling to take down and we have seen a precursor to indicate major mouse poop rain showers again. That always makes you want to put something off.

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