The Chicken Sedan

The coop has been started. I am so, so very excited. The chickens have been ordered. They won’t come for another month or so. I am getting 25 chicks in five different breeds.

  • 4 Silver Laced Wyandottes (my first pick was sold out so I got this breed instead)
  • 4 Araucanas/Ameraucanas
  • 4 Speckled Sussex
  • 4 Dominiques
  • 9 Delawares

Our coop isn’t designed for 25 birds so the extras will either be given to our family members, sold, or eaten. Our extra fancy coop is designed for 15 birds max. Still not sure what I am going to be doing with all the eggs other then making lots of omelets, pound cakes, and palming eggs off on family members. Lee says I should try selling some. Not sure how that will go. Anyways I am still very excited about having my own eggs and chickens at last.

Here is the completed base. Right now it is on blocks as trailer wheels will be added later on. That way we can move the coop around to different spots on the property as wanted

It’s got a frame up. We are going to use one of the windows we will be replacing from our house in the coop. For the door way we are going to make one for now and maybe later on also recycle a house door into the coop. On the right side of the picture there are going to be nesting boxes cantilevered out from the wall. I have to say that when I told Lee I wanted a chicken coop I didn’t know it was going to be so fancy. He told me ‘we might as well build it to last since we are going to have to spend money on it anyways’. So since the coop will cost so much my brother-in-law suggested calling it “The Chicken Sedan“. Thanks Skip. I am very happy with the new Chicken Sedan.  The name seems apropos–no back seat, but lots of laying going on.  😮

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