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Another chicken sedan update

We haven’t posted about the chicken sedan in a while, but progress has been slow.  Skipper made it by a couple weeks ago and added the nesting boxes.  Then we both started puzzling over how to deal with the hinging … Continue reading

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Mouse #4 bites the dust

What did they do? All move in together in a minivan?

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Spring is here

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Hazardous waste

We got rid of a bunch of chemical products that were left behind when we bought the property. Lee brought them down to a hazardous waste round up today. Some of the bottles you couldn’t even tell what was in … Continue reading

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Teetering at tree hights

My Uncle came over to look at our old fruit trees, give us a lesson on tree trimming,  and then trimmed them up for us (Thanks a bunch). Unfortunately the ones we have are in vary bad shape. They will … Continue reading

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Of mice and men…we’re winning…(so far)

We have mice! YUCK. The nasty putrid little vermin had the audacity to poop on my counter. Which then inspired a kitchen disinfection cleanup. So far we have killed three in mouse traps. It all started with a noise that … Continue reading

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Brush hogging happiness

We rented a D R Brush Mower and had fun taking out sticker bushes. It was wonderful. Okay so maybe it was exhausting and I did get three blisters. BUT, it was so nice getting rid of some of those … Continue reading

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Work In Progress

We’re still here.  We haven’t frozen.  Don’t let Robin tell you otherwise! Sorry for the lack of updates, but we’ve been working on a bunch of small things at once and none of them were particularly blog worthy.  Oh, and … Continue reading

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