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New resident cat adopts us

We had a cat adopt us recently. She doesn’t seem to mind that we have dogs. In fact she rubs against Edgar every time she can. She is a big tree climber and rodent exterminator as we see her constantly … Continue reading

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Chicks Update: Day 29

The chicks are coming along nice. They have a lot of their feathers in now and their combs are slowly starting to get bigger. This is the little chick that I am guessing is going to be a boy. His … Continue reading

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Home made tomato cages

The tomato cages that you can buy in the store are either too small, too shoddy, or too expensive for nice ones. So we decided to make our own tomato cages after seeing similar ones at my sister-in-law’s. We got … Continue reading

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Why it takes so long for Hazel nut wood to dry out

A few posts back I mentioned that Hazel nut trees don’t burn well unless they have some time to dry out. Lee took out a small Hazel nut tree about three days ago. Every day since that there is a … Continue reading

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My Nasturtiums are blooming. Okay maybe I should say Lee’s Nasturtiums are blooming as I bought them for him. He was interested in them since all parts of the plant are edible. When I tried to get him to eat … Continue reading

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Unknown tree

We have these trees around our property that we don’t know what are. They have small thorns on them and leaves that remind us of Mountain Ash leaves. Here is a picture of one of them flowering out. It’s rather … Continue reading

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Deer munchers attack

I went out to water this afternoon and saw that the deer had gone through and mowed almost every fruit tree that we had planted. The annoying thing about this  is Lee has all next week off so he can … Continue reading

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Two days of effort: Major improvements and back pain

This weekend Lee and I decided to tackle the fence line that ran down the middle of our property. This wasn’t a small challenge, as most the  fence line was covered in sticker vines. The first thing I did was … Continue reading

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The day of fires

Burn season is coming to a close soon. That made us try to hurry up and burn the four piles we had around the property. With those piles burned that means we have had 12 burn piles so far this … Continue reading

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Taking out Hazel nut trees

Lee and I have been working on taking out some small Hazel nut trees. Mostly we did it by hand with a saw and a hatchet. One tree we used my fathers chainsaw until it pooped out and another tree … Continue reading

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