Chicks Update: Day 10

Lee had to put down the Sumatra chick last night as it was very sick. Not such a great night for us here as we were trying to figure out what was going on. So far all the other chicks look and seem healthy.

It had seemed fine until the day before, when we noticed that it spent a lot of time standing in the same spot. We had already noticed that it wasn’t growing much, but attributed it to the breed. Now we feel suspicious that it might not have been eating for some time. Perhaps it ate some of the saw dust we accidentally used as litter and got plugged up?

So, now there are only 11 chicks left and we switched to a medicated food for a few weeks on the off chance that it was Coccidiosis (although there were no warning signs of such). With the loss of our Sumatra the probability of having a male has dropped from 85% to only 70%.

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