Chicks Update: Day 13

Today we finally evicted the chickens from our house!  Yay!  Although … we kind of miss peeking at them through the stud walls when we go up and down the stairs.

We couldn’t have kept them in their existing box much longer.  Today I found a Rhode Island Red sitting on the edge of the box looking around the room.  I picked her up and set her back inside (she’s the friendliest one), but it would be only a matter of time until they started exploring.

So, we finished the final items to seal in the coop, set up a (higher) cardboard divider inside, added 3 inches of pine chip bedding, and then transferred heat lamp, feeders, water founts, and chicks outside.  This was a very noisy operation, as they did not like their heat lamp being turned off and subsequently getting put in a box for carry.  In their new residence, there was much chirping and fluttering and general mahem until they found the heated area, and then crazed digging as they discovered the joys of flinging wood chips.  Hopefully they haven’t undermined all the feeders and overturned them by tomorrow morning.  The picture was taken tonight through the coop window after they had a couple hours to settle down.  Looks like it’s back to business as usual.

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2 Responses to Chicks Update: Day 13

  1. Juli K says:

    Dear Robin and Lee
    I stumbled across your blog, and I am so impressed! You have such a great work ethic and perseverance. I have been doing heavy remodelling and light construction for over 20 years on various sequential homes. My first place was a lot like yours as you’ve described, outside Seattle. We had to excavate the foundation because the dirt in the crawlspace was rotting the floors. I remember finding a “third” buried trash pile myself! Later, we moved to upstate NY and dealt with a couple homes from the mid 1800s. Keeping a sense of humor is key to surviving the disappointments. Some of my greatest satisfactions have come from seeing trees and shrubs we’ve chosen mature into a lovely landscape.
    Keep up the good work!
    Juli K

  2. lee says:

    Hi Juli,

    Thanks for the encouraging words. When you’re living in the mess, progress seems to occur at a slow crawl, but I suppose you’ve had that experience as well. Neighbors walk by and say “you’ve got so much done” and we say “really?” In that respect, the blog serves as a nice reminder for us too. I know we both look forward to a day when we’ve reached some sort of normalcy in our house and property.


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