Chicks Update: Day 4

It’s the end of day 4 of chickens in our house.  The smell is still minimal, although we are working on getting the coop set up for brooding within the week.  It’s amazing how fast chicks develop.  On the second day we noticed their wing feathers had started to appear through the fuzzy down.  Today their tail feathers are starting to show.  The Rhode Island Reds appear to be a little ahead of the others.  In the  picture, you can see them on the red chick at the top.

No major issues to report yet.  One Rhodie had a pasty bottom today (basically just dried poop).  This is a semi-normal condition, although with the corn in their chick-starter mix we didn’t expect it to occur at all.  We cleaned her up and will monitor them more  closely for the condition.

Based on some quick math, I think we have an 85% chance that one or more of our chicks will be a rooster.  Robin picks up the chicks each day to “socialize” them.  One of the Barred Rocks pecked her yesterday.  I’m voting he’s the rooster.

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