New resident cat adopts us

We had a cat adopt us recently. She doesn’t seem to mind that we have dogs. In fact she rubs against Edgar every time she can. She is a big tree climber and rodent exterminator as we see her constantly hunting and find dead bodies around.  We decided to call her Piper as when she first started hanging around she meowed at us all the time.

The feral cats that came with the house decided they were going to hang out at the neighbors house. Piper we figure is just a new discarded cat someone dumped. Several neighbors have told us that a lot of cats get dumped around this area. Lee and I both are pretty pleased to have a rodent slayer around as the mice and gofers abound around here.

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5 Responses to New resident cat adopts us

  1. charity says:

    She looks a bit lit Kitty! I like her green eyes.

  2. Lynn says:

    How does Edgar feel about Piper??

    • robin says:

      He loves her. Half the time he does an in depth snuffle on her while she is rolling around on her back in front of Edgar. The other half of the time he tries to make her run so he can chase her. Piper is smart in that if she does run it’s to something big so he can’t continue the chase. We are afraid that Piper is going to get peed on as she tries to rub on Edgar while he is peeing. It’s an odd love affair.

  3. Lynn says:

    Ok, that is funny! How about your cat Jasper, does he go outside? How does he feel about another cat? We also have adopted a stray cat (named Jerry) who does a very good job of keeping the rodents & little critters down. He’s always hunting something – mice, birds, snakes…

    • robin says:

      Jasper lives inside and had one run in with Piper when she snuck inside the house. He about had a melt down. The other times Piper snuck in he never knew. Jasper isn’t the most “with it” cat.

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