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Chicks Update: Day 13

Today we finally evicted the chickens from our house!  Yay!  Although … we kind of miss peeking at them through the stud walls when we go up and down the stairs. We couldn’t have kept them in their existing box … Continue reading

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Chicken sedan ready for business

We’ve fallen behind in chicken sedan updates.  Skip installed the door a week or two ago, and then Robin painted the interior with VOC-free paint.  We felt indecisive with regard to the floor for a long time (this is why … Continue reading

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Dandelion Wine: Part 2

Two days after the previous steps, our Dandelion petal must was dark yellow and ready to be fermented. In the interim, we stopped at Valley Vintners & Brewer in Eugene. I described what I was doing, and they picked out … Continue reading

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Chicks Update: Day 10

Lee had to put down the Sumatra chick last night as it was very sick. Not such a great night for us here as we were trying to figure out what was going on. So far all the other chicks … Continue reading

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No more trash please!

Today I decided to clean up by the wood shack. It’s been an eyesore and I thought it would be a quick and easy job of taking down brambles and picking up some boards. Um, no such luck. It started … Continue reading

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Dandelion Wine: Part 1

The Dandelion is an amazingly useful plant.  Young leaves can be picked for the salad.  Older ones can be stewed.  The roots can be baked and ground into a coffee substitute.  And the flowers can be fermented to produce a … Continue reading

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Room with a view

White blossoms in the foreground are from a dogwood tree (probably a Pacific Dogwood). The massive tree trunk in the background is a Sequoia, the largest tree on our property.

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Chicks Update: Day 4

It’s the end of day 4 of chickens in our house.  The smell is still minimal, although we are working on getting the coop set up for brooding within the week.  It’s amazing how fast chicks develop.  On the second … Continue reading

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Ferguson TO-20 Tractor

I mentioned in a previous post that I was looking for a tractor.  Well, the looking is over.  It was delivered on Thursday.  The practical side of me won out, and I decided I should really get one carrying an … Continue reading

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