Two days of effort: Major improvements and back pain

This weekend Lee and I decided to tackle the fence line that ran down the middle of our property. This wasn’t a small challenge, as most the┬á fence line was covered in sticker vines. The first thing I did was to go down the line cutting the draped vines with clippers and making a pathway through so Lee could get in. After that was done, Lee could then take down all the barbed wires and fence posts. It went pretty fast until we hit the forest of sticker vines at the back of our property next to our neighbor. That required taking out trees and pulling tree-like branches of sticker vines out of trees. After that we cut down lots of small volunteer Hazel nut trees and trimmed back limbs so Lee could drive his tractor through with the mower. We made another huge burn pile after just getting rid of four last week. All our effort really made a difference in how nice it looks.

Before and after.

Before and after.

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2 Responses to Two days of effort: Major improvements and back pain

  1. charity says:

    It looks so much nicer! Who knew you had so much property?! ­čÖé

  2. robin says:

    Haha, yeah it makes it look bigger. Every time I go outside I have to stare at how different it looks.

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