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Ball graveyard

When Lee and I bought this house it came with a ball graveyard. An odd thing to have but kind of funny. The owner said he tried to pile them all in one spot because of them being all over … Continue reading

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Chicken roosts

Lee made the chickens a roost today. He screwed in two 2×4’s  with notches to  support the roosts. The roosts are 12 inches apart vertically and horizontally. After this picture was taken we moved the light so it wouldn’t hang … Continue reading

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Wild flowers

Lee got around to mowing down our fields with his tractor today. If we didn’t have rampant brambles trying to take over we probably would have just let it be. Before he went and mowed down the field he took … Continue reading

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Fence is “online”

Tonight we set up the fence charger temporarily using a 1″ galvanized pipe as the ground rod and a really long extension cord. I added apple-scented baits to the hot wire, and connected it all up. On dry earth at … Continue reading

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I couldn’t help myself and pulled a turnip today. I kept seeing these big bulb bases on them when I was weeding around the row. It made me desperate to pull one. So I did. Then I admired it lovingly. … Continue reading

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Homemade chicken feeder

Update (02/04/2009): This page describes the construction of a simple feeder from found items. If you are looking for chicken feeder plans, please refer to our more recent post regarding a larger capacity feeder built from wood. Our chickens have … Continue reading

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Hot wire and temporary gate

After we installed the polycord the next day we started to install some of the hot wires. Yes those lovely wires that will keep the deer out and future livestock away from going through the garden. Lee got to use … Continue reading

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In addition to the woven wire and smooth wire protecting our garden, Lee decided that we needed polycord offset by two and a half inches at the top of our fence. Visually when the deer will walk up to the … Continue reading

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Some of my radishes were starting to bolt so I pulled them up. This was the Red Meat variety from Territorial Seed that I planted. They are rather pretty when sliced. We obviously had some root maggot problems. (This is … Continue reading

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Homemade spinning jenny

We mentioned a tool called a spinning jenny a few times while describing our fence building process.  This is a rotating carriage that holds a roll of high tensile smooth wire so it can be pulled off in a controlled … Continue reading

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