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Braided garlic and more

My garlic had been sitting outside drying, waiting for me to take care of it. Today I trimmed the roots off, peeled the outer skin layer, and braided them. I probably waited to long before I dug them up, as … Continue reading

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Chicken Update: Day 90

It’s 104 degrees outside today. Lee put up the electrified netting as a temporary fence around the chicken house so they wouldn’t overheat inside. One Barred Rock and two Rhode Island Reds were the bravest of the bunch and ventured … Continue reading

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Brewing beer

My nephew has been brewing beer for almost a year, and he has progressively raised my interest level in it. (Another factor is Oregon’s large selection of good craft beers.) I finally took the plunge and bought beer making gear … Continue reading

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Pickled kohlrabi

I had some kohlrabi growing in my garden that I needed to use. I was dying to try pickling them but had a hard time finding recipes online. Well, there was one recipe, but it was copied in so many … Continue reading

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Dandelion wine: Part 3

I finally racked (siphoned) my dandelion wine off the lees (gunk at the bottom of the carboy) and into a clean new carboy. It has been 2 and a half months since I prepared the wine in two posts. Racking … Continue reading

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Cherry jam and syrup

Today I went down to my mom’s house and we put the juice from all those cherries we canned to good use. We made five jars of cherry jam and eleven jars of cherry syrup for pancakes. Wow is it … Continue reading

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Blanching Romano Purpiat beans

Yup, they really are that color of purple. When you bite into them you forget that your bean “should” be green. They have a nice juicy flavor that Lee and I really like. Besides they are green inside. Much to … Continue reading

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Canning cherries

Friday morning my Mom, 2 sisters, 2 nieces, my Uncle, and I decided to go cherry picking for pie cherries. In just a short order we had picked a little over 130 pounds of cherries. My Uncle decided that he … Continue reading

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New blog theme

Robin has been unhappy with my thrown-together theme since we started this website. However, as documented here on a regular basis, other things tend to take priority. I finally found motivation to work on a personalized theme for a few … Continue reading

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Blanching turnips

Yesterday, when pulling up a turnip and looking at it’s size I decided I needed to do something about them. So today I went out and pulled all of the big ones. It seemed that when they got bigger and … Continue reading

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