My garlic is causing me to do some head scratching as I’m not sure when it is ready to harvest. Usually you would be planting it in October in the Northwest the year before. Unfortunately I didn’t put in any garlic starts until April 10th of this year when our garden area was started. So my garlic plants are much smaller then what they should be. I pulled two garlic bulbs up and found that they were just one big clove instead of many. That was okay as I was expecting that as a side effect of my very late planting. According to Gardening When It Counts by Steve Solomon I should be harvesting when the heads fully segment and before the garlic head bursts open all the way. So how exactly am I to tell this when I just have one pretty big clove? I do know that after you dig up the garlic you are supposed to brush the dirt off the roots (no washing as it will make the garlic deteriorate faster) and then let them air dry for a while.

At least my lettuce is easy to figure out. Here is another beautiful head of lettuce that we ate for dinner tonight. Lee thinks I planted too much at once so I think we may have it coming out our ears soon.

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  1. Jessica says:

    Your one cloves are bigger than mine, I pulled mine up yesterday too. I didn’t know about not washing it. Guess it was a good thing I was lazy and just knocked the dirt off and left it on the counter.

  2. robin says:

    Don’t worry as I just found that out. Sigh. The two that I pulled last week to see if they were ready I washed. And mine being bigger then yours are probably because I bought five starts before mom gave me a ton. All my other garlic should be the size of yours. Maybe even smaller if you got yours planted before me.

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