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Canning peaches

Saturday afternoon found Lee and I, my mom and dad, and my sister Jessica driving around looking at potential houses for my sister. After we finished that activity, we took a quick swing over to Deterings Orchard to get peaches. … Continue reading

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Canning tomatoes

I went down to my moms today and we canned up some tomatoes. This is how we went about it. We cleaned the jars. The jar lids were put in a pot, covered with water, brought to a boil, and … Continue reading

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Chickens eating broccoli

I mentioned in my last post about the chickens that I had been feeding them kale and bolted lettuce. Since they seemed to like the kale so much I decided to toss in a spent broccoli plant. They were all … Continue reading

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Ceiling destruction

The last of the plywood ceiling in the living room was taken off. We managed to not get beamed on the head by four pieces of wood left up in the ceiling. There wasn’t as many mouse nests which was … Continue reading

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House improvements

These next two weeks or so we will be having some home improvements done. We are getting a new roof along with shoring up some structural issues. Lee and I are excited beyond belief–then we will be poor beyond belief. … Continue reading

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Lee and I dug up our potatoes today. We ended up with 64 pounds. Lee was a little disappointed as he was hoping for more. I am pretty happy overall.

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Chicken Update: Day 112

In about a month and a half we should start seeing eggs. We still can’t figure out if we have any roosters. I had resigned myself to all hens (I wanted at least one boy) because they all look the … Continue reading

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Progress on the future chicken pen: Part 3

We finished installing the woven wire in the new chicken pen, but first I have some pictures of the brace wires. This first picture shows the only instance where we installed two brace wires in an X pattern. One wire … Continue reading

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Log stacking

Back in April we had two Port Orford cedar trees fallen in front of our house. Since that day we have just been walking over them to get to the front door. I jokingly referred to the fallen trees as … Continue reading

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Yummy stuff in the garden

This is our third armful of cucumbers we have picked. The cucumber plants are just gearing up too. So far we have just munched on them. I have plans on trying some pickles though. This is our first harvest of … Continue reading

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