Progress on the future chicken pen: Part 2

On Saturday Lee finished putting in all the fence posts in the chicken pen area. I’m excited as we are getting that much closer to having the pen finished. The chickens are having fun chilling in the small temporary fence still. They are going to have a blast with more area to mill around in.

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2 Responses to Progress on the future chicken pen: Part 2

  1. Lynn says:

    The chickens will love that huge area! And look at the fire wood pile!! That brings memories of our recent wood splitting… Ah, the good ole days… Hopefully we’re done with wood splitting for a bit. Let us know how the chickens like their new area when the time comes!

    • robin says:

      When I open the chickens door for them everyday, they cheerfully come hopping out all in a row. It’s pretty cute. There are now 10 of the 11 chickens that come out of the coop. Ruffle Bob just made the big scary descent into the outside pen yesterday. He was holding out. Today, before we let them out, I went around picking up bits of trash that they had unearthed. I think that there will be a lot of that as the chicken pen encompasses a big area that we cleaned up the previous tenants trash in.

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