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Egg taste test

So here’s the grand egg test of whether you can taste the difference in store bought eggs versus home grown free range eggs. So can you tell the difference? You betcha! The two eggs on the left were the home-grown … Continue reading

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The cost of raising a hen

There is an egg in the coop! Okay, let me rephrase that. There are TWO eggs in the coop! When I checked on the chickens today I found two surprises. I knew that they were getting close to laying. Yesterday … Continue reading

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I grew two varieties of popcorn this year. One variety was Early Pink and the other variety was Strawberry. I pulled a head off of each type to see how they were coming along. When the end of the warm … Continue reading

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Corn is my kryptonite

I have tried growing corn for the last four years. Somehow it never works out for me. This is the first year I have tried growing it in Oregon. The previous years tried were in Arizona. I may have possibly … Continue reading

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Dried beans

I am experimenting for the first time on saving bean seeds. I let the bean pods dry out on the plant. When the bean pods felt really hard I picked them off. Here is a picture of the dried Bingo … Continue reading

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Primed and almost ready to go

I find this picture humorous for some reason. I’m not sure why. Today I primed 8 sheets of plywood that will be used for the eves in the new roof. We are priming them because we are not sure when … Continue reading

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Using wood scrap

Lee and I have been working on processing the wood scrap coming out of our house project. Most of the wood we are just cutting down to size so it will fit into our wood stove. It should burn very … Continue reading

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Sunflower seeds

My sunflowers had finished flowering a while ago. After each sunflower leaves had turned yellow and dead I cut the head off it. So far I have four heads cut and drying. I didn’t want to leave them out in … Continue reading

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Home improvements

Home improvements continue. I am sleeping at my sisters while this goes on. Lee is sleeping on the couch so he can keep an eye on the dogs and the house. The dump bin is just going to get fuller. … Continue reading

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No winter vegetable garden

Lee and I had been planing on having a winter vegetable garden this year. Unfortunately we got so busy prepping for the house improvements along with other day to day stuff that the time just slid by. I will try … Continue reading

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