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Buying local beef

Yesterday I was searching Craigslist for pork. Our half pig from last year was basically used up so our meat supply was getting low. After having nice farm raised meat I didn’t want to have to start buying the stuff … Continue reading

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Building corbels

While the roof was getting replaced the existing corbels all got destroyed in the process. Lee decided that he wanted fancier corbels then the originals so he made up his own. To get started, he built three for the dormer … Continue reading

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First new window in our old house

We got our first new window for the house. We will be doing a few windows at a time as we work on particular rooms. The next two windows we order will probably be for the two rooms upstairs and … Continue reading

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Underlayment flooring

Lee started laying down the underlayment flooring in one of the upstairs bedrooms. We are using 1/2″ CDX plywood. We plan on having wood floors so we needed to use plywood instead of OSB because of its superior nail holding … Continue reading

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A giant among eggs

Can you spot the big one? It’s been a month now and the girls are still having varying egg sizes. Most of the eggs have worked their way up to a medium small size. I just had a new girl … Continue reading

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Cabbage daze

I find myself staring at the cabbage patterns every time I slice one open. They are so pretty. I only got three cabbages from my garden that did well. We have been eating purple cabbage soup for dinner. Looks gross … Continue reading

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Edgar and his green dog mohawk

I couldn’t help myself. Really, I tried to resist the urge for over a week. Edgar’s doggie mohawk was just begging for a punk color. I did restrain myself and didn’t do pink. He is very thankful for that.

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Canning jars find a home

After we bought our house last year we did a major cleanup trying to get rid of most of the garbage left behind by the former tenants. A few things we kept to reuse. I kept the metal storage rack … Continue reading

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Upstairs bathroom vanity

We picked up a vanity for the future upstairs bathroom. Since the new bathroom is going to have space constraints we were looking for something that was small. We almost went with a pedestal sink so the room would look … Continue reading

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Roof over our heads

The new roof has been finished for over a week but we had trouble finding the camera charger after moving back. We found it now, and will hopefully start posting more frequently again. We re-roofed because the existing roof was … Continue reading

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