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Art Nouveau cross stitch

It’s been over a year since I have last worked on a cross stitch. I was getting itchy to do one again so off I went to look for patterns. It seems like the ones you usually see around in … Continue reading

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Shear bracing the knee wall

Lee is putting shear bracing back into the house. This will help if the “big” earthquake that has been forecasted for Oregon actually happens, but also just makes the house sturdier. Lee has some plans on making our old house … Continue reading

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Beginning double framing for insulation

The foam bypasses discussed in a previous post are all installed, so we moved on to the next step: installing top plates for the double wall framing of the angled portion of the second floor ceiling. This is slightly out … Continue reading

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Figuring out room layouts

Lee has been after me to figure out how we are going to use the rooms in our house. Not just use them, but where furniture and closets are going to go. This has been frustrating for me because I … Continue reading

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Wind storm

After days of pretty cool nights, last night decided to be downright balmy. It was nice. I liked it. I could practically walk outside without a coat. A girl could get used to that sort of weather. Then a huge … Continue reading

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Best. Popcorn. Ever.

Back in September I was feeling glum about my troubles with growing sweet corn, but also feeling hopeful about the popcorn I grew. Well, Lee and I finally popped some of that Strawberry corn and it was AMAZING! I have … Continue reading

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Ckicken overgrazing

The chickens have stripped their pen into a bare lot. Obviously, thats not very good for it. Since we haven’t gotten the rest of our property fenced yet I can’t let them out into the pastures. Even if I wanted … Continue reading

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Insulated attic bypass

Insulating the attic angled portions of our second floor ceiling is the first step in a very elaborate insulation plan we have for our old house. Our long term plan is a superinsulated house — a house that stays warm … Continue reading

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New tubular skylight

During the reroofing project, we had something new installed that would not have been seen on a 1930’s house. We had a Solatube installed. Originally we saw a booth for one at the Good Earth Home, Garden & Living Show … Continue reading

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Elwood laid an egg…

…or maybe it was Jake. They are only a month and a half late compared to our other hens. I was starting to think there was something really wrong with them. The color of the egg is a pale blue … Continue reading

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