Figuring out room layouts

Lee has been after me to figure out how we are going to use the rooms in our house. Not just use them, but where furniture and closets are going to go. This has been frustrating for me because I am not good at figuring things out spatially. I like to wave my hand and say, “Sure it will all fit”. But we really did need to get it all sorted out, because room layout affects the placement of electric outlets, lights, and switches among other things. To make matters harder, two of the rooms are oddly shaped and were not straight forward to plan. You would think that working from a mostly blank slate with a few restrictions would make it easy, but it wasn’t.

I will admit that I had some draft paper that I was working with. That was okay and I did get a few small things accomplished. Where I started making my leaps and bounds in figuring out the room layout was when I found a program on the La Z Boy furniture web site. I now have the master bedroom, office, living room, and multiple-use room all figured out.

Lee and I still are not quite all the way certain on the living room layout. It’s an odd shape with some things that you can’t change and have to work around. I am most pleased with how my craft/sewing/TV room turned out. That one took a while, as it needed bookcases (for Lee’s compulsive how-to book collection), a place to work with all my crafts and future sewing projects, and then a place to relax and read or watch TV. We don’t actually own a TV (haven’t for a year and a half) right now but I really want one again so I can play my Wii Fit.

I can hardly wait until I have walls to paint, lights to pick out, and furniture to look for. Lee on the other hand is probably DREADING it as he expressly hates those above mentioned evils. I know he wants to build some of our furniture (Art’s and Craft style) but I’m not letting him do it all. He will be busy enough finishing up other multitudes of house stuff.

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  1. Lynn says:

    That Laz Z Boy program is just too cool!!! It makes it fun to plan a room!
    …Ahhh, you have a craft and sewing room…I used to have a beautiful craft and sewing room in my last house, before we moved into this tiny place. I miss having enough rooms! I even used to have a room set aside to be a library (we just needed to build bookcases!). Then we moved here, into our tiny historic house, and don’t have enough rooms or storage areas. It will be exciting as your home gets organized and you can pick out cool lights & furniture & such!

  2. Leigh says:

    What a neat online tool. I only wish they had a kitchen because that’s the room I’m stuck on. ­čś«
    It has an odd shape too. I don’t envy you with this task. I find that I have to live in a space for awhile (sometimes quite awhile) before I figure out how I want to utilize it.

  3. lee says:

    Lynn – Well “plan” to have a craft and sewing room. At the moment it’s our bedroom because it is closer to the chimney and keeps the actual bedroom clear for work. Yes, old houses do lack for storage. We are fixing that in the remodel.

    Leigh – It’s not quite as straight-forward, but you can use that online tool for kitchens too. Create a new plan using “Design Your Own” and a type of “other”. Then, under the “Generic” tab, look at the “structural” set of items. If you scroll down, you’ll find kitchen counters and cabinets. No stove symbol, but you could always just use the rectangle tool at the bottom and sub in your own dimensions.

    Now if you were trying to design the cabinets, this is probably a less than ideal tool for the job …

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