New tubular skylight

During the reroofing project, we had something new installed that would not have been seen on a 1930’s house. We had a Solatube installed. Originally we saw a booth for one at the Good Earth Home, Garden & Living Show a year ago. We are planning a new half bathroom upstairs, inside one of the bedrooms. Since the new bathroom would be inside a somewhat dark room to begin with, Lee wanted to bring in natural light.

Tubular skylights work by catching direct and ambient sunlight, bouncing it down a highly reflective tube (through the attic), and then diffusing it into a room through a ceiling mounted lens that looks much like a light fixture. Heat and UV are blocked, but a broad spectrum natural light comes through. There were two brands that we looked at but we ended up choosing the Solatube brand. It is the only one offering an Energy Star rated insulated diffuser glass at this time. The tax rebate is also a bonus.

Since the bathroom isn’t built yet, only the dome on the roof is presently installed. I am really impressed with how much light comes in regardless. With only two windows, both of the upstairs rooms are pretty dark. I almost wish that we had a second one installed the other room.

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  1. Lynn says:

    Too neat! We saw something similar to this in home shows, I wondered how well they actually worked! Hmmmm, we need a new roof next year….maybe we’ll get something like this, too! =)

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