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Lazy days

Lee and I have been enjoying some lazy days on his vacation. A few days ago we went to the coast for the day with his parents and did some exploring. This weekend we took a 2 day trip to … Continue reading

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Is bigger better?

We are in the process of picking new windows for the second floor. There are two windows to be replaced: one on each end of the house. These are the major sources of light on the second floor, other than … Continue reading

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Closing in the house

Up until two nights ago, there have been multiple direct paths between our interior living space and the outdoors. For some areas, such as the first floor ceilings (open to the eave vents) we’ve simply stapled up plastic to hold … Continue reading

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Too much of a good thing

There are many things I like about having left suburbia Arizona for an old house on a few acres in Oregon. One of the best, is that I feel so much more in tune with the cycles of nature. Each … Continue reading

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Chickens on ice

I must say that when I decided to follow Robert Plamondon’s advice on open-air chicken housing, it was with some reservations. The health benefits to the birds for the improved ventilation are quite obvious, but it seems the health detriments … Continue reading

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Buying local pork

We recently bought half a pig from a local farmer. When you buy a pig directly like this, you pay the farmer a set price per pound “hanging weight”. This is the weight of the pig after it has been … Continue reading

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Making lard

This is the second time we have made lard. The first time was in a lard making group party where no one had done it before. We spent the whole time reading out directions and asking each other if they … Continue reading

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Jack braves the beast

Jack has decided to take her life into her own paws and start using the dogs for pillows. She is becoming obsessed with the dogs and circles around waiting for them to lay down. Then as soon as they are … Continue reading

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Insulating the knee walls

Anybody want to cheer with me? That is indeed what you think it is in the below picture. Lee has officially started on the knee wall insulating. Now before you all get too excited for me in my luxurious living … Continue reading

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