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Pig on a bathroom scale

Real farmers have livestock scales. We are not real farmers, but we do have livestock. We’d like to know their weight, so we’ve worked out a simple method using only readily available tools: Get a bathroom scale Chase down a … Continue reading

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The curious case of the roadside pig

Some months ago Ebey Farm wrote about the passersby who stop and watch his pigs. It made me smile at the time, and about a month later we got our weaner pigs. Time passed and finally our pigs got brave … Continue reading

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Chicken molting

We’ve got a severely naked chicken butt in our flock. I know it’s mean, but I can’t stop giggling when I see the poor hen walking around. The Wyandotte is the latest of our hens to start molting. At least … Continue reading

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Gratuitous pig shots

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Broken roof

Have you ever had it rain so much that your roof fell off? Yes, it really was raining that hard here, but you can’t blame the rain. The shack out behind our house decided that it didn’t need part of … Continue reading

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Our pigs and the boiled egg treats

Today when I was bringing firewood in for the day I noticed that the pigs were lazing in their hut with dirty snouts. I thought that was odd because they haven’t been rooting much since their little original pig pen … Continue reading

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Count down to wiring

I’ve tracked down most of the parts needed to start the second floor wiring, but I haven’t quite summoned the conviction to start. Part of the problem is the fear of the unknown. I have a pretty detailed plan, and … Continue reading

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Let sleeping pigs lie

The usual word association with “pig” is “dirty”, but I’ve decided that “lazy” might be a better match. Perhaps if we had heritage breed pigs things would be different, but our pigs have food, water, and shelter and don’t feel … Continue reading

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Slugs and a super failure in weed blocking

Looking out in my veggie garden would make most gardeners cringe. The weed problem is really out of control. If I wanted to have a weedy lawn then I would be all set. This is the current state of my … Continue reading

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Cold weather and our pigs

It became cold here the last couple of days and we got a light snow dusting yesterday. With the cold weather settling over us we got really concerned about the pigs. Being first-time pig owners with no experience under our … Continue reading

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