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Good Earth Home, Garden, and Living Show

We are fortunate that nearby Eugene has three home shows each year. The spring show focuses on gardens, the fall show on homes, and the winter show on green living. This past weekend we visited the winter Good Earth show, … Continue reading

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“Jake ala king”

Jake has never laid an egg. Jake and Elwood are our two Araucana hens. Elwood only started laying November 5th, which was a month and a half late compared to all our other hens. As the months went on Lee … Continue reading

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Dissecting trash picked up on our property

A little over a week ago I mentioned that the ground was disgorging trash again. Since today was pretty nice, I went around with my bucket and picked up trash until my back got tired. There are a few things … Continue reading

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Quantumly entangled well pumps

In physics, quantum entanglement is a property of a pair of particles derived from the decay of a single particle, whereby they develop interconnected states. In other words, if one particle is altered by an external force, the other will … Continue reading

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How to cook on a woodstove

From our website metrics, we’ve noticed that one of our most popular older posts is about our first attempts at cooking on a woodstove. People arrive at that page seeking cooking tips, but we were just getting started at the … Continue reading

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Getting ready for this year’s summer vegetable garden

I’m getting my list ready for this year’s vegetable garden. Seed catalogs are coming in and I swear it’s like drugs for gardeners. Before I could make my new list of things I needed and wanted to try out, I … Continue reading

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We are slowly getting back into our normal routine after this last month. I decided I would write up a post on some random things going on around our house. Nothing too earth shaking. First off, Jack is going in … Continue reading

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