Quantumly entangled well pumps

In physics, quantum entanglement is a property of a pair of particles derived from the decay of a single particle, whereby they develop interconnected states. In other words, if one particle is altered by an external force, the other will respond as if it had also been so altered. This instantaneous correlation can occur across great distances and at many times the speed of light. Einstein called this property spooky action at a distance.

So, why am I talking about particle physics? Because, I have recently become suspicious that my well system and my brother’s well system (about 16 miles away) have somehow become quantumly entangled. If this could be proved, it would be the first case of quantum entanglement at the macro level. What is my evidence you ask? The best kind — anecdotal! It all started about a month ago. During an unusually cold spell our well pressure switch froze and I had to heat the riser with a torch until it thawed out. We proceeded to cover the tank and switch with a tarp and hay, and it survived the rest of the freeze without incident. A few days later, my brother mentioned that their water had also stopped, and he had found their well switch frozen and proceeded to thaw it with a torch. This was the first time their switch had frozen in 10 years.

Okay, switches freeze during a cold snap. That’s hardly anomalous. Wait, it gets better!

Last week my brother’s well went out again. He traced the problem to a pump controller with a corroded capacitor. He called out a well guy the next morning who replaced the capacitor and it started back up without a problem. I didn’t think too much about the story, until …

“Lee, the water’s out again,” Robin said about 2 minutes after we got home tonight. “Oh crap!” I replied. (This has indeed become a typical reply around our house.) I went outside. It was too warm to be frozen. I checked the switch. It clicked normally for the off, prime, and auto positions, but the only response was a buzz from the controller. I opened up the controller and looked it over. “Wait a second, does this capacitor look corroded to you?” Spooky indeed Mr. Einstein.

So, are the laws of physics being bent here?

Nah, it’s more likely a case of synchronicity — the human tendency to perceive patterns and causation between random events.

Then again … next time my brother starts talking about a well problem, I just might take notes!

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5 Responses to Quantumly entangled well pumps

  1. Lynn says:

    Ok, this is getting spooky!!! I wonder if an old house down my street is quantumly entangled with mine… I’ll have to ask the neighbors what they’ve been working on.

    I hate how things just seem to go “out” with these old houses…we can’t predict what’s going to happen next, but something just stops working, and we have to go fix it. As if the house is saying, “Ah-ha – take this! Oh, you think that was simple, then deal with this…”

  2. Rachael says:

    So is Wikipedia a reliable reference or just convenient? Or something in between?

  3. lee says:

    Lynn — I know what you mean. We are insulated from a certain number of failures by not having any working appliances, heating, or electrical wiring that wasn’t recently installed. The plumbing is all original though, and the well really worries me. It’s this big badly wired / badly plumbed mystery underground. I’m hoping we can get the plumbing and wiring to it updated before it decides to fail.

    Rachael — Actually, a study from a few years ago found that Wikipedia had about as many mistakes as the Encyclopedia Brittannica. It’s also just plain convenient–decent overviews of just about anything.

  4. Rachael says:

    Wow, I didn’t realize that about Britannica. I can access it for free online so I use it fairly often. I like Wikipedia for its broad coverage, but I’m usually somewhat skeptical.

    I never synchronicity meant anything. I thought it was just the cool-sounding name a Police album.

  5. Lynn says:

    Lee – I just read your reply & I had to laugh! Our well & septic is a total mystery to us. No one knows where our septic tank is located for this house. It’s a concern for us, and is on our list of things to work on. Our actual well is from the 1800’s, but at some time was re-plumbed, and needs to be re-done again.

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