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Chickens eating their eggs

Lee opened the door of the chicken coop and caught some of our hens doing a dastardly deed in the hen house. As he opened the door about half the hens came jumping out of the coop saying “yeah freedom!” … Continue reading

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Tansy Ragwort: A success story

Kudzu, Japanese Beetles, Asian Longhorned Beetles, Zebra Mussels, Asian Carp, Varroa Mites. This is of course but a short list of invasive species. All of these were brought to the U.S., either by accident or intent, where they found ecosystems … Continue reading

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Rain, rain, go away, I’d like to plant my garden someday

It’s been soggy over here and it’s impeding my garden progress. I’m feeling very grumpy at the moment and have a beef to pick with the weather. Today it rained over an inch and the rest of the week is … Continue reading

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Of branches, vines, and bleeding hearts

We are slowly getting ready for some more fencing projects. This new fence line will run from the corner of the garden to the chicken pen. It will be around 200 feet. Unfortunately, there was a huge pile of limbs … Continue reading

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New compost piles

I have a confession to make: for the past 19 months we haven’t been composting our kitchen scraps. Yes, I know, it’s shocking. We’ve wanted to. I’ve bemoaned the lost organic matter, but something was always in the way. We … Continue reading

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Forage & Pasture Management: Class 3

This is the third of a ten part series of posts chronicling core concepts from a class we are taking. Further details and links to walk through the series can be found on the class 1 post. Grass Identification The … Continue reading

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Still making progress

We haven’t posted about the inside of the house in a while, but that doesn’t mean we’ve given up. Slow progress is still being made on the future master bedroom. After the window was installed, I started on some structural … Continue reading

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Improving vegetable garden soil

Last year was our first vegetable garden since we bought the place in September 2008. The garden was tilled for us but the soil had no improvements done to it other than some fish emulsion I used as fertilizer. We … Continue reading

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Death of a blackberry

I’m still working on the summary of our third forages class, but I wanted to share some (hopefully) good news about Himalayan Blackberries. Anyone who lives in Oregon is probably wondering how there could be good news about this species. … Continue reading

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Tilling with a grub hoe

The rain finally let up for enough days in a row that I went out with my new grub hoes to try tilling over a garden bed. I dug a 4’x20′ bed using the 4″ grub hoe yesterday, and another … Continue reading

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