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We lost a chicken

Late this evening I went out to put the hens to bed. As I got close to the hen house I saw one of the Rhode Island Reds laying in front of the doorway. I thought to myself, “that’s odd, … Continue reading

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It stopped raining. Quick, to the garden!

The weather finally let off raining for a little bit. So we did a big ol’ “YES” over here while jumping up and down with excitement. Finally we can do some garden planting. Lee dug a bed for the asparagus … Continue reading

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Jack is amazing

I guess she is stock piling vermin for a rainy day in case she runs out of kitty biscuits. I burst out laughing when I saw this lovely little pile by our back door. Not bad for a cat with … Continue reading

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Aggie went to the vet

Aggie got spayed today and now she is the most pitiful looking mess of a dog. I always feel so guilty when one of our pets comes back from getting fixed. They just look so miserable. We don’t want any … Continue reading

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How do my chickens doo?

So, Lee was out in the garden last week with the hens and one of the girls laid a really big splat in front of him instead of the nice tight chicken poop like you prefer to see. Obviously we’ve … Continue reading

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Garden anxiety

Lee is about ready to have a nervous breakdown due to the weather impeding his gardening progress. If only you could hear the grumbles emanating from him. I keep telling him to chill out because vegetable gardening is part skill … Continue reading

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Sources for small scale grains

Vegetable seeds are pretty easy to find. We buy most of our seed from nearby Territorial Seed Company, but even if we didn’t have this local resource there are dozens of other sources online and via mailorder. I know the … Continue reading

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Forage & Pasture Management: Class 4

This is the fourth of a ten part series of posts chronicling core concepts from a class we are taking. Further details and links to walk through the series can be found on the class 1 post. Class started with … Continue reading

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