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Recreating historic window trim

Part of the charm of our run-down old 1937 farm house is in its exterior details. As we replace old windows with new windows, we have been very careful to match the original look with the new look. Our focus … Continue reading

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Inner wall framing is added

This weekend the inner wall framing for the master bedroom was added. As a reminder, we are remodeling our house with double-wall construction. The outer and inner framed walls are separated by an air-tight layer of XPS foam. Last week … Continue reading

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Garden stuff

The slugs were stalking my basil and the trails of their slimy nefarious nighttime activities were giving them away. Either that, or my basil has some other serious issues going on. Since I saw the little baby slug creeps on … Continue reading

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Sealing the master bedroom

Our last post about our progress in super insulating the master bedroom left us with the first layer of R13 fiberglass insulation and the end wall sheathed in OSB as a structural upgrade. Next up is the middle layer of … Continue reading

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Stray dog, a dead chicken, and slugs

How is it when you leave for a few days and then come back, all sorts of new developments seem to happen. Lee and I got back from a much-needed weekend away yesterday. We lugged all our stuff into the … Continue reading

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Garden Progress

Saturday and Sunday were Territorial Seed Company’s plant day where they have most of their veggie starts in stock. So early Saturday, Lee and I went down to get our tomato starts. The 15th of May is the official time … Continue reading

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Squirrels taunting Jack

She had five squirrels teasing her at one point. The squirrels would turn their backs to Jack and pretend that they didn’t know she was there. They would let her get about two feet away before they would scurry off. … Continue reading

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The reign of garden terror is over

At least we think it is. So far it stands at four elephant garlic lost and one R.O.U.S. caught. This pocket gopher was just a tad out of Jack’s league when it comes to her mousing. It was enormous! Like … Continue reading

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War is declared in the garden

Lee is up in arms and so far he is losing. It’s getting quite ridiculous over here. Lee has one more thing up his sleeve before we try sitting outside at night with a shotgun. So what exactly has been … Continue reading

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Squirrels behaving oddly

There is this tree that I took a picture of not that long ago. I don’t know what it is but it is still flowering. About a week ago Lee and I both noticed that all the flowers were disappearing. … Continue reading

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