War is declared in the garden

Lee is up in arms and so far he is losing. It’s getting quite ridiculous over here. Lee has one more thing up his sleeve before we try sitting outside at night with a shotgun.

So what exactly has been going on over here you might ask? Remember back when I was talking about Lee having some garden anxiety? We had found this huge hole by our garlic and Lee set a trap. Then he set another, and another, and another… Life went on and I wasn’t too perturbed that the varmint was outsmarting us.

Well I was okay with it until I found this! You may now gasp in horror as you look at these graphic pictures.

Yup, that was my beautiful row of elephant garlic. It was so lush and exciting for me as it is the first time I have ever grown it. Well this stinky little cuss decided to tunnel under the whole row and eat one of them. When Lee put a trap where the wily butt-headed monster came up, he back filled and then popped up a day later under the next garlic plant. Then when Lee went out today he said yet another garlic had been hit. This one looked like it had shrunk–the animal was eating it off from below and it was sinking. The entire area smelled of garlic. It’s becoming something out of the movie Caddyshack or the Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit.

Lee has tried big traps, a mouse trap with peanut butter, cutting in the tunnel, and a fall in trap with a glass jar. He is going to try the cave in method and see if that works before we try the shot gun approach. I’m sure that will raise a few eyebrows from our old neighbors as they drive by.

The holes this thing makes are really big. Like you could almost stick your arm down it. It’s also very active. This hole I took a picture of and then came back an hour later to show Lee and the stinker had already backfilled it.

It’s war!

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6 Responses to War is declared in the garden

  1. Lynn says:

    War! How exciting! I will be waiting with bated breath to see who wins! My money’s on the humans! But those little varmits can be pretty sneaky!

  2. Leigh says:

    I can relate to this because we have a bunch of critter holes around our place too. Rascal takes care of the little critters in the little holes, but I don’t think he does much for the bigger ones.

  3. Jessica says:

    Gopher, 10, Lee 0…….

  4. lee says:

    If you go by elephant garlic lost, it’s gopher 3, Lee 0. Well, until this morning. Now it’s gopher 4, Lee 0. He tunneled about two foot west of his last hole and obliterated another garlic plant. What’s frustrating is that I just need to be lucky once. The gopher has to be lucky every time. (Or is extremely strong and just pulling the traps off. I’ve considered that one too.)

    There is another trap purchase, and some 20 gauge #3 shells, in my future.

  5. Benita says:

    I know of a trick to get rid of moles, and maybe it would work with gophers. Buy Juicy Fruit gum (has to be Juicy Fruit) slice it longways into thin strips and stuff it into one of the tunnels. They can’t digest it and it kills them.

  6. robin says:

    Benita- I think that I had heard of that before. We have never tried it though.

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