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The swarm that got away

You’re never going to believe this. I hardly believe it, and it happened to us! In a recent post about bee boxes, I mentioned that we planned to capture wild swarms to start our hives. We’ve since finished the boxes. … Continue reading

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Snow peas

WOOHOO! I’m growing something new in my garden. Okay, so I have to be excited about anything growing out there this year. I bought 6 snow pea starts at the Extension Service Master Gardener’s sale this year and we finally … Continue reading

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Last week to get our garden in and…

…we are sick. If Lee can come back from the living dead somehow by this coming weekend, and I’m not too out of it, we will try to squeak a few things in. Otherwise, it looks like it is going … Continue reading

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Winning the war on grass

As the rain continued to fall from May into June and the garden choked from slugs and weeds, the grass grew on unfettered. If we had livestock, this would be a great thing. Livestock are your insurance against a bad … Continue reading

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Starting on our bee boxes

We started putting our bee boxes together tonight. We purchased the equipment unassembled at a local beekeeping shop. In the future, we might build some of our equipment, but there’s probably not that much money to be saved either way. … Continue reading

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Seed massacre

Somebody got in trouble at our house. Lee and I came back from town and we found a mess. There was dirt on the couch, dirt on Lee’s desk, dirt in our shoes, dirt basically from one end of the … Continue reading

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Who’s turn is it to walk the dogs? It won’t stop raining. We can’t mow, we can’t weedwack, we can’t weed in the garden, and we can’t plant anything. I’m singing the “I can’t believe it’s June and I can’t … Continue reading

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