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The honey bee’s have officially ditched us

That is about all there is to it. We will try again when we find another swarm. I’m thinking that we aren’t likely to find another wild swarm this year as it is late in the season. So I guess … Continue reading

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Ants on the bee box

Lee and I have been fretting over our bees here. We haven’t been seeing much activity outside the bee box ever since we captured the honey bees. The most activity we saw was the following two days after capturing the … Continue reading

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Hidden treasures amid the blackberry vines

Lee has been making steady and slow progress removing blackberry vines by our house. This is a before picture. These are some after pictures. But, you can’t have a cleanup job around here without finding some hidden treasure. Somebody needs … Continue reading

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I have a carrot!

I have a confession to make. I never thinned my carrot patch. Granted, I didn’t think that I had any carrots growing for the longest time. So I finally got around to thinning out a few, and while munching on … Continue reading

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Photo documentary of Lee collecting wild honey bees

A bee swarm forms down at my Uncle’s house. We jump in the car and drive down there quick. The bees are up in a tree so a ladder is found and legs are adjusted. The ladder is put in … Continue reading

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Nailing up sheathing

Back in November we had sheer braced the knee wall that spanned the front of the house. Tonight’s project was to add sheer bracing to the south rear knee wall. (The dormer divides the rear knee wall into two sections.) … Continue reading

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I harvested most of my broccoli crowns today. YUMMY! We ate a big ol’ serving of it and then I blanched and froze about 5 quarts. I think I should plant more of it next year because I am sad … Continue reading

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Volunteer plum tree

While I was sitting in my camp chair taking it easy watching Lee hard at work slaying blackberry vines, I noticed a plum tree. It’s growing under a row of fir trees not to mention it has a Purple Robe … Continue reading

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How to clear out wild blackberry vines

Lee has found a new use for his 8″ grape hoe. It works amazingly well for cutting through the thick stems of the blackberries and even small branches. He makes sure to sharpen the blade every time before use and … Continue reading

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Garlic harvest

I pulled up all our garlic today, except for one late variety. I am very pleased with the results. Last year my mom had given me some starts and we planted them in the spring and harvested them in the … Continue reading

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