Volunteer plum tree

While I was sitting in my camp chair taking it easy watching Lee hard at work slaying blackberry vines, I noticed a plum tree. It’s growing under a row of fir trees not to mention it has a Purple Robe Locust pretending it’s an umbrella above it. I think it must have gotten a little confused on where plum trees are supposed to grow.

I had a feeling revisit me that I haven’t had since last year. It was the feeling of, “I’m going to beat up some bozo deer” anger. It’s a valid feeling, really! The herd of deer that seems to hang out here in the summer time decided to get brave, come up to our house, and do a midnight munching on my aronia berry start. I was so happy with how much it had grown as I had bought it as a seedling last year.

I planted some cosmo’s in my garden this year. They are so bright and cheery that I always smile when I look at them.

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3 Responses to Volunteer plum tree

  1. Lynn says:

    I love the plum tree! We don’t have any plum trees – we used to at another place we lived many years ago, and I haven’t thought about plums since then. Maybe you could transplant the tree to a better location?

  2. Leigh says:

    Lucky you! I would love to have a couple of plum trees. I’m with Lynn, maybe you can transplant it(?)

  3. lee says:

    Lynn – If it is like the other plum on our property, it will probably stay green. We’re never quite sure when to pick them. I suspect we might try to transplant it eventually. Right now it is stuck with that locust tree behind it and a section of broken fence in front of it.

    Leigh – I’ll try to keep an eye on the plum more this year. My impression of them last year was that they weren’t nearly as good as I was hoping they would be.

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