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Homesteading guide to refrigeration

Robin has been hinting that she’d like a full size refrigerator for some time (we’ve been living out of a dorm fridge for 2 years now). At first I tried to convince her of a few alternative solutions, but she … Continue reading

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Beat up by beets

I harvested all my beets today. Well, maybe I should say I did it this evening. Since it was so hot earlier in the day I thought that I would can them when it cooled down. I was feeling so … Continue reading

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Pigs for this winter

We found a source for pigs about a mile and half away from us. Earlier this week we went and looked at all the babies and the mother. We put half down on two weaner pigs, so sometime in September … Continue reading

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A Jack’s life

HELLO JACK? WHATCHA DOING? I was sleeping you moron. Go away. BUT JACK JACK!! Okay fine, I’ll stop pestering you.

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Drip, drip, goes the irrigation

Oh Yum! It’s the first cucumber of the season for us here. They are almost ready. I can taste it in my mouth already. It may just not make it back from the garden one day when I am out … Continue reading

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Potato issues

This year we planted several types of potatoes purchased at several different places. We had potatoes that were saved from last year’s crop, potatoes bought on the cheap ($0.99/lb) from two different farm stores, and potatoes that were certified disease-free … Continue reading

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