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Out with the oak and in with the new

It’s time to do more house renovation explosions. Yeah! I actually only say yeah because I know that it doesn’t involve mouse turds galore raining down on our heads (which in turn makes me want to take a bath in … Continue reading

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Painting before the rain starts

So when Lee built me my awesome automatic chicken waterer I knew that I was going to need to paint it. Being me though, I had to find some reason to procrastinate getting out the paint because that always involves … Continue reading

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Food preservation roundup

As our Oregon weather hastens quickly toward winter, Robin and I have been scrambling to gather and preserve any garden produce that survived the crazy summer season. Here are some of the highlights, in no particular order: These are ground … Continue reading

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Porcine upgrades: Day 4

I think Gene Logsdon once wrote that farmers build barns for themselves, not their animals. There are several bad reasons for this: Keeping up with the Joneses – If it works for car sales, it works for barns. False economy … Continue reading

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Building an automatic chicken waterer

Before we left on our recent road trip, we wanted to have a system in place to water the chickens so the neighbor who would be collecting the eggs wouldn’t have to deal with our problematic hanging waterers. I’d been … Continue reading

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And this little piggy: Day 1

Robin and I arrived home from an 8 day road trip late last night, and spent today getting ready for pigs. A pig pen, waterer, and feeding systems had all been on our todo list before we left, but between … Continue reading

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