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Burning tomatoes and spider pigs

None of these things really needed their own post so I thought I would just lump them all together. We had our first brush fire of the season two weeks ago. I got that one out of the way and … Continue reading

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Family room upgrades

Lee has been very busy working on the upstairs family/craft/entertainment room. The goal of this big push is to get the room ready for double framing and make it warmer this winter. The plywood floor underlayment was installed two weeks … Continue reading

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Preserving in sucrose

From jams and jellies to canned fruit, preserving in sugar (sucrose) is a common method of saving food. Robin has canned peaches and cherries before, but during the past week we’ve expanded into candied vegetables and jam. Cowboy Candy Robin … Continue reading

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Oh BABY, I got me some sweet potatoes

It worked! I planted some sweet potatoes and they actually grew. Okay, well, I planted four, but one bit the dust. Since I was down to three, I then had all my hopes and dreams centered on those three lovely … Continue reading

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Pigs day out: Day 33

Our pigs have grown significantly during the last month, and it was time to let them out into the larger pen. They have been living in a 16′ square pen, and they’ve tilled every inch of it with their noses. … Continue reading

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Garden this and that

I’ve been out in my garden puttering around getting a few thing done. I planted some fava beans and peas along with some more garlic. Hopefully they will all come up. My winter broccoli, cauliflower, kohlrabi, pac choi, and rutabagas … Continue reading

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New window installed

The last new upstairs window was installed today. We’ve actually had that window sitting around since June waiting to be put in. I finally told Lee just to hire the installation out, because he scared me to pieces when he … Continue reading

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