Burning tomatoes and spider pigs

None of these things really needed their own post so I thought I would just lump them all together.

We had our first brush fire of the season two weeks ago. I got that one out of the way and then promptly started another brush pile from hazel nut tree limbs. It will be next year before I can burn that pile as the hazel nut wood needs to dry out first or it wont burn.

I picked all my green tomatoes off the plants as the weather got cold and rainy. I had them sitting in the box and then I started noticing there were a lot of green tomatoes going bad. They started getting discolored and molding so I have had to throw a bit out since then. I ended up canning 67 pints of salsa this year so I am very happy overall with my tomato season.

The pigs have been growing (though not fast enough for Lee) so I am starting to get a little nervous when in the pen with them. This is why I will have no problem eating them, as big pigs make me a little afraid. They are fun to watch and love it when I come to their pen with scraps.

It has been very rainy, cold, and foggy at night here. The dew is thick and the spider webs have been popping out.

When we laid down the subfloor under where the wood stove was at, we thought that we would just wait until we got the new framing up around it before re-installing the stove. Well that was a month ago and finally we couldn’t wait any longer–it had gotten too nippy at night. The wood stove was put back and a fire was our best friend once again. I think the pets rejoiced as they had cozy spots all around the house to lay. Three of our pets have been recovering from various pet incidents over the last week. Jack took her last pain shot today. She was in at the vet twice (we thought she had a broken hip) and is walking with a gimp. Edgar spent a night at the vet on a IV drip with a partially blocked bowel. That passed and he is feeling better. Aggie developed bloody diarrhea and that is finally clearing up. I was just waiting for the pigs to suddenly die on me for no reason. Our vet is completely awesome and very reasonable (thank goodness).

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2 Responses to Burning tomatoes and spider pigs

  1. Lynn says:

    What’s going on with the animals?? What happened that Jack broke a hip? Why did Aggie get ill??

    I hate it when the animals get sick – luckily we haven’t had ANY animal issues lately. I remembered when your chickens turned one year old that one of them dropped dead – my chickens just turned one in Oct. Sometimes when one’s missing I wonder if it just dropped dead for no reason, but then it shows back up.

    We started up our woodstove, too, and used it for the first time last night when the temps dropped down into the 40’s. Both cats came in and checked it out carefully. Soon they will park themselves in front of it…

  2. Benita says:

    Spider Pig, Spider Pig… Oh gosh, I’m quoting Homer Simpson. Thanks!! ­čÖé

    Can you can green tomatoes?

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