New window installed

The last new upstairs window was installed today. We’ve actually had that window sitting around since June waiting to be put in. I finally told Lee just to hire the installation out, because he scared me to pieces when he did the other upstairs window. Lee doesn’t enjoy working on ladders so he wasn’t that hard to convince.

There are two cool things about having this last window installed. 1.) The next window to be replaced is the broken-out one at the front of the house. It’s been broken ever since we moved into the house two years ago. 2.) There is no longer anything holding us up from insulating, so then the inner wall can be framed for the next layer of insulation, then the whole upstairs can be wired for ELECTRICITY, then I can get some DRYWALL, and then I can run down the street screaming with joy. It’s going to be a very momentous occasion here when those last two things happen. I may have to break out some bubbly. Really, all I need is some drywall delivered to the house and I still might just break out the bubbly.

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4 Responses to New window installed

  1. Leigh says:

    What a relief to get another window done! Isn’t it fun to make enough progress to see a difference?

  2. monique says:

    We do almost all our own work but we hired out our insulation because it ended up being cheaper to pay for labor and materials than to buy just the materials at HD or Lowes. And they had it done in a day. I am enjoying your blog; so glad I stumbled across it.

  3. Lynn says:

    May the next steps go quickly and without any problems!!! Here’s to insulating, framing, wiring, and last but not least, drywall! Real walls! Yeah! My house renovation/repair project is not going nearly as fast as I anticipated at all, so I feel your frustration! We are facing our second winter in a house with no insulation, and I am dreading it…

  4. lee says:

    Leigh – Definitely. This window truly felt like a milestone, as it’s the last window on the second floor and the last of the difficult. The rest can be installed safely from terra firma!

    monique – Sometimes I wish our insulation system was simpler, but I doubt I could hire someone who would be as thorough. I’m interested in both air-penetration sealing and insulating. But yes, were it different, it’s amazing how fast things get done when you hire a professional …

    Lynn – I agree. This will be our third winter, and Robin has declared it must be warmer! Last year we burned through about 8000 lbs of dried oak and rarely felt warm enough to be comfortable. Regardless of how the upstairs goes, I’m also hoping for a warmer winter!

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