Oh BABY, I got me some sweet potatoes

It worked! I planted some sweet potatoes and they actually grew. Okay, well, I planted four, but one bit the dust. Since I was down to three, I then had all my hopes and dreams centered on those three lovely little exotic plants. I say exotic because I have never grown any before so it was like having a zebra in garden.

This whole last month Lee had been asking me how I knew when they were ready to dig up. I gave him the age old answer of…”I dunno”… and then went on and forgot about them. Well, it was a small zebra in the garden so I didn’t think about it a lot. Finally when the leaves started to change their color a little I decided it was time to see if any garden magic had happened.

Oh yeah, I got me some sweet potatoes! One of the plants was mostly a bust as I think a rodent decided that it was his or her personal underground pantry. That left me with two lovely, wonderful, awesome sweet potato plants. I really want to plant more of these next year and I am in love with them. I used some of them to make my sweetie’s favorite dish. Want to know what it is? One stick of butter and 1/4 cup of brown sugar melted in a pot. Add a ham (one of our naturally raised ones) and some sweet potatoes, cover and cook. It is the most amazingly simple but oh so good dish that is wonderful for a winter day. Or any day.

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  1. kg says:

    For next year…you can eat the leaves like chard or spinach or amaranth. They are delicious and as good for you as the potatoes themselves. Chop them up roughly and boil for about five minutes to get rid of the slime (think okra), drain them and use any way you would use greens. I pick the leaves many times over during a season since they grow right back and have canned and frozen them with excellent results.

  2. Benita says:

    Wow! That does sound good – and think of pie! Those are very pretty potatoes.

  3. lee says:

    kg – I’ve never heard of that. Robin seems pretty intent on planting a lot more sweet potatoes next year, so we’ll have enough to give it a try. I think adding in some of the black biofilm will probably help the plants deal better with our cool summer nights. It definitely helped the tomatoes.

    Benita – It seems we got two different varieties. I believe the bright red ones (with bright orange flesh) were Japanese. The others were a light orange color. Both were tasty with ham!

  4. Leigh says:

    Oh, they’re lovely! So nice to see. I like your recipe idea. Ham is a great meat for sweetish things like sweet potatoes.

  5. Charity says:

    They love to make sweet potato fries here in Hawaii. You guys should try it.

  6. lee says:

    Leigh – It’s really good, although prone to burning on the bottom a bit if we don’t watch it closely. It would probably work better in an oven, but we don’t have one still.

    Charity – I’ve tried them at some of the restaurants here. They are good.

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