Broken roof

Have you ever had it rain so much that your roof fell off? Yes, it really was raining that hard here, but you can’t blame the rain.

The shack out behind our house decided that it didn’t need part of it’s rotting eaves anymore.

Thankfully it didn’t take out the well pressure tank. The electric wire running to it was hung haphazardly across two walls of the shack and it was yanked down in the collapse.

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3 Responses to Broken roof

  1. Benita says:

    Yikes!! That’s either a lot of rain, or a very old roof.

  2. lynn says:

    Does the work ever end with an old house/property? Do you keep anything in the building?

  3. lee says:

    Benita – Yeah, that’s an original 1937 cedar shake roof. It’s had 73 years of fir needles and water rained upon it. Some time about 30 years ago somebody decided to roof over it with asphalt, but this has almost all slide off to reveal the original roof. (They even left the metal ridge.) The collapse this month is the first part to physically break off though.

    Lynn – Nope. You know the feeling! We plan to completely replace this building with a new structure built a few feet away. I hope to start on that next year. We kept fencing supplies, tools, and a lawnmower in this building last year, but the humidity killed the mower and we had quite a bit of rust to deal with on other items. Now it has only bins for recyclables and a few tools.

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