Let sleeping pigs lie

The usual word association with “pig” is “dirty”, but I’ve decided that “lazy” might be a better match. Perhaps if we had heritage breed pigs things would be different, but our pigs have food, water, and shelter and don’t feel much need for rooting. When we walk past the pig pen, they assess whether we are bringing them treats or just walking a dog. If we have treats they’ll run to the gate. If we have a dog they’ll just watch us from the rain-free comfort of their pig hut. When in doubt, they err on the side of lazy, and don’t move. Ah well, I suppose less calories burned running around is more calories turned into bacon …

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4 Responses to Let sleeping pigs lie

  1. Lynn says:

    Hey, I agree, less time spent doing anything is more bacon on that piggy! And who doesn’t love bacon?

  2. Benita says:

    They are definitely lazy. Most of the non-baby pigs I grew up around would much rather be napping or eating – usually napping if not eating. Yes, just think of all that wonderful bacon.

  3. lee says:

    Matt – Hi Matt!!

    Lynn – We definitely like bacon. I think we are going to keep one and a half of these pigs (a relative wants to buy one half at cost). No sense selling it, as I won’t make much profit (if any) and the more bacon we can put in the freezer now, the the less-soon we’ll have to raise another two.

    Benita – Ah, good to hear it’s not just ours. They definitely specialize in sleeping. The floor of their hut is about a foot deep from wallowing and digging in it.

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