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Snow day

Today was a snow day. Woohoo! When it’s snowing around the rest of the country we rarely get any on the valley floor where we live. If we do get some snow it’s just a dusting and melts away before … Continue reading

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More insulation projects

Ever since Lee hurt his finger three weeks ago it’s been pretty slow here. He has been trying to let it heal properly so no big projects for him. Since he has been taking it easy, I decided that I … Continue reading

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At last!

We’ve been looking for the perfect egg basket for almost 2 years now. Most of them are either too large (6-dozen egg capacity), or too expensive ($20 for welded wire … I think not!). We finally found this perfectly sized … Continue reading

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Our pigs were 8% bacon

We’re still crunching numbers to put together the final breakdown post, but I thought I’d share a few observations in no particular order. All numbers are based on hanging weight (our butcher leaves the head on compared to the normal … Continue reading

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Floor leveling and wall building

It’s been busy over here. After Lee’s stitches on Saturday, he still wanted to continue our weekend remodeling plans. So on Sunday our framer pal came over to try and straighten out our roller coaster floors. Part of our old … Continue reading

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