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Rebuilding a BCS two-wheel tractor

We decided to buy a tiller this year in the hopes that we can spend less time preparing garden beds by hand and more time working on the house. Yes, this goes against my enthusiasm for digging hoes, but time … Continue reading

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House face lift

There was a second reason we were trying to get the little chicken fatties out of our house, besides all the racket they were making. We needed the space they were in so we could start staining and spar varnishing … Continue reading

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Reconfigurable chicken housing

We discovered that brooding chicks in your house is risky business. Specifically, each night they were at risk of being thrown one by one out the window. My patience of having them in the house was fading fast. The little … Continue reading

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Sneaky little manure spreader

I’m washing dishes when I notice somebody broke into my oatmeal boxes. My first clue something was wrong was shredded paper. I thought that was weird until I realized the individual oatmeal packets had holes in them and oatmeal was … Continue reading

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